Hello, I am Helen. I love poetry, and telling it like it is.

The name of this blog happened after I noticed a splotch on my glasses. We all see through blemished lens from time to time, don’t we? A disjointed swirl.

10 responses to “About

  1. Do the smudges distort the ugliness of the world? Distract us from the truths we don’t want to see? Or, do they shelter us from what we aren’t ready to handle?


  2. Love your ABOUT…so incredibly HONEST! Like the content too!


  3. Paul Worthington Books

    You know what’s wonderful about glasses? Sometime, with the right angle, you can see a glimpse of yourself in the corner of the lens. You may see the tip of your ear or the flat surface of your face. I find seeing myself like that, different and intriguing.

    Nice blog.


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