Friends are family you choose

My life has been difficult to navigate lately. I have so many different emotions bubbling up inside of me. I’ve found myself just staring off, trying to figure everything out.

I have always had this part of me that wants to fix all that is broken. I’m finally starting to learn how impossible this task is.

Sometimes, you have to kick dirt on it and walk away. I’ve learned this trick from my dog.

All I can really do is follow my instincts. Any threat of danger makes me run. Self preservation is more important than popularity and stats.

I want to thank you all, my friends who followed me again. It means so much.


12 responses to “Friends are family you choose

  1. I was trying to find a nice way to say “we’ll follow you wherever you go” but everything I came up with sounded creepy and stalkerish. So I’ll just say, happy to be here 🙂

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  2. NotAPunkRocker

    Well said and completely understood.

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  3. The WORDPRESS Family has been so supportive of me…and, yes, family has become for me also those whom I choose…it has been a lonely climb…but had to be done. Your posting made me feel like I did the correct thing.


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